Hiking with donkeys

This may sound odd, but it is relatively common in other countries.
My donkey is a year or two off being old and trained enough for the job, but essentially it means hiking while your donkey carries the load. Depending on the size of your donkey (I have a big Catalan), you can travel with forty to fifty kgs of baggage.
A different kind of slackpacking!
Question: Has anyone done this and are there well-known trails that offer the opportunity?

I don’t know about South-Africa. With us down south there used to be mule trails offered by Gondwana Mule station, Fish river canyon area. I believe it’s been suspended since due to lack of interest but you should still be able to trace the operators. Maybe worth trying…(Gondwana Collection Namibia)

Thanks Stokenhoed. I will go into it.