Hiking with your dog

Simonskloof Mountain Retreat outside Montagu in the Western Cape allows (well behaved and fixed) dogs on their short tails - be aware however they have diva of a Border collie an awesome guide in day time… but taking chances at nightWAYA%20on%20B their long overnight trails are off pet’s limits so you get a chance to spot the wildlife!

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Hi there. We have recently been on two hikes with our dogs in the nw area.
First is kraanskloof, which is a really nice trail but slightly challenging. But when walking the gorge it was like paradise.
Second was shelter rock. Which is close to the dam. An easier hike and also really lovely

We have also made an account called @travel.sa.withdogs
Check it out. We have all the hikes with dogs there too


Loved your posts. My name is Kean I have a couple of Jacks. Whom are my life! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I love hiking and looking forward to trying out some of your suggestions.

Pls help me, Where do I find this account? @travel.sa.withdogs

HI Kit-Kat
It is an Instagram account - you will find it when typing “travel.sa.withdogs” in the Instagram search function.

There is Hedianga Farm in Olympus suburb in Pretoria. The longest trail that they have there is 15km. I’m not sure of the latest prices, but I think it is around R40 per person, and the ticket is valid for a week :slight_smile:

The other dog-friendly trails that I know of are: Wolwespruit in Pretoria and The Faerie Glen Nature Reserve (you need to apply and pay for a permit first) in Pretoria. I have also seen people doing the Num Num trail with dogs :slight_smile: