Hiking with your dog

Simonskloof Mountain Retreat outside Montagu in the Western Cape allows (well behaved and fixed) dogs on their short tails - be aware however they have diva of a Border collie an awesome guide in day time… but taking chances at nightWAYA%20on%20B their long overnight trails are off pet’s limits so you get a chance to spot the wildlife!

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Hi there. We have recently been on two hikes with our dogs in the nw area.
First is kraanskloof, which is a really nice trail but slightly challenging. But when walking the gorge it was like paradise.
Second was shelter rock. Which is close to the dam. An easier hike and also really lovely

We have also made an account called @travel.sa.withdogs
Check it out. We have all the hikes with dogs there too


Loved your posts. My name is Kean I have a couple of Jacks. Whom are my life! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I love hiking and looking forward to trying out some of your suggestions.

Pls help me, Where do I find this account? @travel.sa.withdogs

HI Kit-Kat
It is an Instagram account - you will find it when typing “travel.sa.withdogs” in the Instagram search function.

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There is Hedianga Farm in Olympus suburb in Pretoria. The longest trail that they have there is 15km. I’m not sure of the latest prices, but I think it is around R40 per person, and the ticket is valid for a week :slight_smile:

The other dog-friendly trails that I know of are: Wolwespruit in Pretoria and The Faerie Glen Nature Reserve (you need to apply and pay for a permit first) in Pretoria. I have also seen people doing the Num Num trail with dogs :slight_smile:

Hi There. I know we are already in 2021 now, but I was recently looking for the same. We have two border collies and they thrive on these overnight hikes. Was hoping to do the outeniqua in the new year but apparently it’s not pet friendly. We took our puppies to the Drakensberg and did Mweni which is a tough three day climb, however you can make it a 4 nighter if you want. It’s not part of the park sport and is in the cultural area and therefore you can take your dogs. You just have to be very careful in some parts keeping them on the lead when there are more exposed areas, and ensure you have enough food and water for them. The walk through the village is a bit nerve racking with all the local dogs, so it’s not a good idea if there is a small group of hikers. The more the merrier. But all aside it was an amazing experience and bonding time with the puppies!
I’m pretty sure you have been on plenty since then so any recommendations yourself?

Wow, Emma-leePenny that looks like a wonderful experience with your dogs! I can also highly recommend Thabaphaswa https://thabaphaswa.co.za/

It is not an overnight hike, but they allow dogs in the camp grounds and in the various accommodation options. We had a fantastic time there with our dog.


Elangeni (only if you and your dog are fit)
Blue Wildebees

Hedihenga, June 2020
Our first hike after level 5 lockdown for the Corona virus; we were so ecstatic to be out and about. The morning did start at a fresh -2°C, but we were so happy to be somewhere other than our own house that we didn’t mind. Besides, we had the kit, so no complaining.
This route has a 5, 10 or 15 km trail option. Your dog must be on leach in the carpark, but on the trail they can run free. There are cattle and other dogs on the trail, so make sure that you have control of your dog. You pay your entry free at the gate. It must be cash, and your ticket is valid for a week.

We did the 10 km hike, which has good variety and a nice swimming spot. Considering that Romeo is a Spaniel, he did just that. :blush:

We also had tea in a lovely spot.

It was a great day out and we all had lots of fun.

Phaladingwe Africaland, 17 October 2020
A friend, Romeo and I hiked together. We met in the parking lot and had a very leisurely stroll with lovely scenery and views.

We stopped for snacks at a look-out point.

Driving home was a breeze and Romeo immediately passed out.
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