How do you store your hiking clothing?

I am curious to find out what percentage of your hiking bag is taken up by clothing? Do you take a new set of clothes for each day of a hike and if it is 5-7 days long where do you keep your dirty clothes so that they are separated from clean?

We recently did a 5 day hike and I got so frustrated with repacking my bag every day to have clean clothes in easy reach whilst storing the dirty ones in a separate space. Travel pouches didn’t really work for me as they still had to be packed/unpackaged within the bag.

You bring clean clothes?

:grin: I do, perhaps my first mistake!

I might bring an extra shirt or so on a very casual hike, but from most of my hikes I only take two sets. One to hike in, and one to sleep in. I Do my best to clean the hiking set after the day is done. It’s stinky, but that’s the hiking life for you. Getting some Merino wool hiking clothes does help a lot (they don’t stink as badly).

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Thanks for the advise, @Wandelaar :smile:

Close to none.
Just an extra pair of socks and jocks, which I wash and rotate. Wash your s&j in the morning or at midday, then hang / loop on outside of pack to dry.

So as @Wandelaar says but I’ll add not in rivers with soap, even if it claims to be biodegradable as biodegradation does not happen in rivers but in soil…so wash with soap away from river.

Agreed on Merino.

And keep your sleeping kit dry and clean.
Swim a lot.

Logic is that even if you put on clean clothes every day it will be grungy within an hour or two of hiking anyway.

I’ll add too that it takes a bit of getting used to this concept as we operate from cupboards all our lives. But the thing is that a bag full of dirty clothes that end up smelling up everything is actually worse than going a bit rough, I find. I have hiked with a few ladies who love clean clothes and such but over time they all resort to the one set of kit for hiking and one for sleeping scheme. It’ll also motivate you to swim more often, if you need motivation. And get used to the fact that you are an organic animal after all.


Storing hiking clothing can be a challenge, especially on longer hikes. I usually pack a fresh set of clothes for each day of the hike. To keep my dirty clothes separate, I use a lightweight dry bag or a separate compartment in my backpack. This way, I can easily access clean clothes without rummaging through everything.