How to find Carbineers' Grave at Langalibalele Pass?


Recently I hiked to the top of Langalibalele Pass (29°16’46.6"S, 29°26’11.7"E), clearly marked by a small cairn - see the photo. Apparently, from this spot I should be able to see the Carbineers’ Grave. I had a good look around but could not see it. May I have either directions or coordinates of the grave, so next time I would be able to find it.


Yes you can see it from that point - looking back down the pass it will be on your RT hand side a little higher than your would expect - look for a smallish white cross.

Will try to get a GPS co-ords.

Thanks for the tip. I guess, I should walk a bit in the southern direction, then turn left and go uphill. Am I right? How far it is from the cairn? 300 m, 500 m, more?

About 300m and if you have a compass about 180 deg so almost due south from the cairn

It is all clear now. Thank you!