I stumbled across this forum whilst searching for info on various hikes and realised that I have been out of the game for too long!

Rekindling an old love for hiking I have started to do some short hikes locally. As part of my fitness plan for this year I want to do some sort of endurance hike. I live on a farm near Upington so we typically have long flat areas, but I love trees and mountains.

I am considering doing a hike to Klein Pella which is about 260 Km, but I want to consider other options also that might be more picturesque. Any ideas welcome!


Welcome Veltie! Glad you found the website (and forum) :smiley::+1: Love the nickname by the way :joy:

The Naukluft hike in Namibia is definitely worth looking into: 8 days, 120km, mountains, valleys, trees, harsh beautiful landscape.

Also, the Drakensberg Grand Traverse, obviously