Hi. Can anybody give me an indication as to the condition of the gravel road leading to Injisuthi and if visitors are still being harassed by begging youths on this road.

I was last there about a year ago - the road has been hit hard by rains this year, but to the best of my knowledge it is still doable in a decent clearance non-4X4. Yes, the kids are still harassing cars and trying to charge a toll fee to open a gate for you.

The road is in relative good condition - they are repairing the section after the cattle grid but the tar road section is bad at places. We were there during the week so had no begging youths.

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Not sure about the road conditions to the camp. I passed 2 weeks back on my way to Monks Cowl. The begging kids are on the road.
The road from the N3 is relatively okay.