Jonkershoek Pieke (the twins)

Anyone planning to do this hike in the near future? I’ve been dying to do this hike, but I can’t seem to find anyone who has done it before.

I haven’t done Pieke yet, but here is a link to a translated version of Ernst Lotz’s original guide to the scrambles and climbs of Jonkershoek:
JonkershoekLotzTranslatedExtractsv1.2May2008.pdf (516.2 KB)

And here is the full original (only in Afrikaans):
JonkershoekLotz3rdprint1991 2006addendum55pages(originalAfrikaansversion).pdf (1.8 MB)

Thanks for this, Arno!

I think I have enough info now for my friend and I to try the Langrivierkloof route.

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I suggest considering going up via Nerinakloof if you are fine with some light exposed-ish scrambling. It’s spectacular! Big ferns all around and majestic views. At one point you hike through a rock arch.

Here’s some photos (and very vague descriptions) of when I did Pieke (up Nerinakloof down Langrivierkloof) last year with a group of friends:

Part 1: Dalene van Staden on Instagram: "[Pieke, part 1] Yesterday we summited Pieke. This set of photos was taken on the start of the hike up until the beginning of Nerinakloof. In my opinion none of the photos can do the epic scenery justice. Thank you @muisvoel for the hike invite! #hike #hikemzantsi #hikingsouthafrica #Jonkershoek #mountains #fujifilmsa #thisissouthafrica #owhsadventures #liveBravely #ishootwithorms"
Part 2: Dalene van Staden on Instagram: "[Pieke, part 2] Nerinakloof is known for massive tree ferns and Nerine-flowers (which was not in bloom yesterday). #hike #hikemzantsi #hikingsouthafrica #Jonkershoek #mountains #fujifilmsa #thisissouthafrica #owhsadventures #liveBravely #ishootwithorms #treefern #summitsaturday #mountainmission"
Part 3: Dalene van Staden on Instagram: "[Pieke, part 3] Photo 1: the arch that serves as the natural "window" of Vensterkloof (📷: Gerrit Avenant). After Nerinakloof the hike took us up Vensterkloof and included a little bit of scrambling (short clip credit: Jacques Crafford). The section after walking through the "window" has a bit of a vertical drop on the right (picture 7). Hikers not comfortable with heights should probably not hike this route. Along the way there are some excellent views of Simonsberg (picture 5). #hike #hikemzantsi #hikingsouthafrica #Jonkershoek #mountains #fujifilmsa #thisissouthafrica #owhsadventures #liveBravely #ishootwithorms #summitsaturday #mountainmission #selfpropelled"
Part 4: Dalene van Staden on Instagram: "[Pieke, part 4] The summit of the south peak of the Twin Peaks sits at 1504m above sea level. For the descend we went down Langrivierkloof and joined up with a contour path that led to a jeep track all the way to the gate. You can actually see Table Mountain in the distance from the summit. #hike #hikemzantsi #hikingsouthafrica #Jonkershoek #mountains #fujifilmsa #thisissouthafrica #owhsadventures #liveBravely #ishootwithorms #summitsaturday #mountainmission #tablemountain"

For additional info - has that path plotted on the app.

Here is a description with track downloads written by my friend Peter:




Thanks for the info and pictures, Dalene. My friend and I are considering going up langrivierkloof and then coming down Nerinakloof as you described.

I had heard about the exposed little scramble just before Vensterkloof, so it’s good to see that instagram video clip of yours to set my mind at ease.