K-Kway compact self inflating mattress

Does anyone have any experience with the K-way compact self inflating mattres. I can’t seems to find any reviews, is it any good. What makes it better then a foam mattres

I can’t comment on the K-Way mattress specifically, but a good quality “self inflating” mattress adds a level of comfort that a basic foam mattress does not have. The main purpose of a basic foam mattress is insulation.

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Thanks for the info

@Arno, I use a variety of mattresses and pads, depending on conditions etc.
My sleeping pad is a Thermarest Ridgerest, and it works well (i.e. light, insulates well) but has some definite negatives (very bulky so needs to go on the outside of my backpack, and THIN).

However, I found a solution that works well for me, and negates most of the negatives (except the bulkiness, however, even that can sometimes be a blessing as I found out after a recent backwards fall on rocks in the Drakensberg :-)). I bought one of these cheap hiking mattresses and cut it up in pieces. I use it during the day as a cushion, so on rough ground, or in winter on rocks, or on wet grass or sand etc. At night I put it underneath my sleeping mat, basically underneath my hips (i.e. bony parts). This way, if I lie on my side it’s not sore.

When transporting it I wrap it around the Thermarest to protect it.

Self inflatable or inflatable mattresses are obviously more comfortable (however, not much more than with my setup as described above) but the downsides are heavier weight and the risk of a puncture.