KAVU Outdoor Gear - thoughts?

Anybody heard of KAVU? www.kavu.com
Even if you haven’t, what do you think?

We are in talks to begin bringing in some of their gear if there is interest for it in South Africa. Figured this is one of the better places to get a feel for the recognition and demand.

Some background:
KAVU is a Seattle based outdoor gear company that started as a cap manufacturer selling their well-know “Strapcap”.
Today they sell much more than that with products ranging from caps to fleeces to bags (their Rope Sling is very popular) to wallets and more.
KAVU makes practical outdoor gear that’s also uniquely styled to help you express yourself whether you’re in the Berg or on the street.
A more eloquent history can be found here: https://kavu.com/pages/about-us

Looks cool. I like the style.

I think it’s more of a Cape Townian hipster style. One would have to see if they would be interested. Some of the stuff looks like it has a thrifty vibe. Also a word of caution: if people aren’t familiar with the brand they may not be interested in buying something that (to them) seems off-brand. Especially if it is expensive. They may go the Patagonia route rather.


I would agree with @Spaniel.

To me looks like street fashion with an ‘outdoor’ cred angle.

So on that it may be an alternative to the Patagucci vibe if you can have a more wallet friendly offer. The style is very similar, the colouring off-sets, even the label - at a glance - looks like Patagonia’s. Organic cotton etc etc. That’s where it’ll be lumped in, is my guess.

Not quite to my tastes but does look very good, slightly unusual and attention to detail is there. Having scanned through the men’s offerings I wouldn’t really consider it for mountain use, more in a cabin dreaming about the mountains.