Kgaswane summit trail

Hi guys.
Hiking noob here. Tried to find recent info on Kgaswane and was wondering…
Me and @Hillzyolo are starting to rig ourselves for multi-day hikes and have set aside the remainder of 2019 to get ready. We are based in Pretoria and I am looking for a two day hike venue that is closeby, nice and scenic, and that will double as a gear test, 2 day hiking venue. Somewhere we can go and familiarize ourselves with the tent, cooking gear, etc. as we expand our kit into 2020.

It seems like it could work well. But i am a bit concerned about safety. Especially if the two of us will be sleeping over alone out there.

Any thoughts or experience on the place, and suggestions for us (On venues, getting into hiking, etc)?

Hi! I have done the summit trail, and it was great :smiley:

I did not feel unsafe in the nature reserve at all. Here is my video about it: Summit Trail, Kgaswane Nature Reserve, Rustenburg - YouTube


Thanks Ruth. Found your video most helpful. We actually watched it before. We found it on youtube. Thanks again.

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