Khomas Hochland Trail,Dusternbrook Guest Farm,Namibia

We have read about this trail in Namibia in the “Weg”
magazine,as well as on their website,and decided to give it a go.Bookings were done almost a year in advance,and on Saturday the 3rd of August 2019,we arrived at Dusternbrook Guest Farm,50 km noth west from Windhoek.There is accommodation available for every taste,and a lot of other activities to participate in.

The trail duration is 6 days, with a total distance of 100.5 km.Total of 12 people can be accommodated on the trail,but we were lucky to squeeze another one in.We slept in the Dusternbrook Campsite the Sunday night before we started our hike on Monday,the 5th of August 2019.

Included in the tarrif for the trail,is food for preparing dinner every night. It is a luxury hike with slack packing,where you carry only a day pack (with lots of water) and daytime snacks.Your complete backpack is couriered by the different hosts from one farm to another.We walked accross four different farms,where the various hosts went out of their way to make our visit to them as comfortable as possible.

Dinner included mostly meat from Gemsbok,or Kudu,veggies, that you have to prepare for your self,and home made bread.Overnight facilities are very uniquely designed like a shelter with walls about 1.20cm high and a roof.Matresses are provided to sleep on,cooking pots,some utensils and wood for fire are available to prepare your dinner.
Ablution facilities are really a bonus,as you will be able to have a hot shower after every long tough day of hiking…(the so callled donkey system.)
Climate is a true dessert climate,very hot during daytime,but quite cold at night.Distances vary between 10 and 23 kms of hiking per day.

On day 2 and day 4 one overnights at the same farm.Hosts are very friendly and hospitable.Day 3 and 5 are quite long and tough days, and an early start is recommended.Very limited water were available on the route due to the severe drought that they have experienced by the time.

At the halfway mark on day 3, 5litre bottles filled with cold fresh water were left for the hikers at a nice shady spot to fill their water bottles again. Day 5 was quite streneous as well,but very interesting and there are quite a few up and down hills.One have to conquer 5 ladders during decending from the top of the mountain or take an alternative route if you are affraid of heights.There were a few technical parts to over come during the decent.

After all the effort to get down from the mountain,the overnight facility was truely a big surprise. From a distance,one can see the huge tree,but when you actually arrive there,it is a genuine tree house built around the the tree with three levels with build in bathrooms.Backpacks and sleeping matresses are already at the next overnight facility when you arrive.The last day,15km is an easy, mainly flat surface to walk,back to Dusternbrook guest farm.

During the trail we saw eland,nyala and other animal species.There were fresh leopard spoor on day 3.Bird species that we have seen were Cape Vultures,Bataleur eagles,and a few water bird species.

The route is very well marked,with interesting and, humorous spots marked troughout the trail.There is no water on the route during the dry season.Water is available at the overnight facilities though.

Be prepared for blisters,as ons is walking in dry
riverbeds,and boulder hopping in between.Proper hiking boots that secure one’s anckles is also recommended.Hat and sunscreen should be priority when start packing.

In closing,a wonderful hike,with wonderful friends.We could not complain about anything.It was well organized,and the hosts are very professional and friendly.It should be a lovely hike after rainfall,with lots of waterholes and rock pools to cool off in.

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Thank you Annette. Good to read something about one of our local trails…


Good day,Marius.Thank you very much.It was an unforgetable hike,and our group have enjoyed it tremendously.