Klein Swartberg Traverse

Hi, I was wondering if anyone has more information on the Klein Swartberg Traverse? Like;

  • The total distance
  • Permits or permission required
  • Is Toorkop close to Towerkop, a peak on its own? Just checking the peaks above 2000m
  • Not a hiking question, but any beta on type of placements needed to get up Gully D route on the Western Pinnacle of Towerkop? Don’t want to carry a whole trad rack for a D

Do you mean the hike between Seweweekspoortpeak and Towerkop close to Ladismith?

Hi Ranger

We did this hike 2 years ago. Good website for info is:

Great hike but we did it in December when there was no water on the mountain with only water in the caves at the overnight spots.

Toorkop and Towerkop is the same peak with different names being used.

Unfortunately cannot help with the climbing question. We climbed Nefdt’s route with a group of climbers to get to the top.


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Hi Douweg,

That’s the route yes.

Thanks so much for the info and the link.

Hi, I have only recently joined the forum and noticed this (old) topic. For anyone interested, please go to www.towerkopinfo.co.za since it’s the update to the old link mentioned above.

(PS: Towerkop and Toorkop are different peaks but close to each other.)


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Thanks Jan! And welcome :wink::+1: