Kogelberg Trail

Goodday I am new to this forum as you will realize :-).
I am orgaizing the Kogelberg 24 km hike in Kleinmond for me and 4 friends. We are all used to hike.
Is this trail well signed or do we need a guide. Is it safe?I know we need a permit and was told i get it at the entrance. When is it opening.

thanks for the info

HI Ingrid
You will find most of the information here: Kogelberg Trail - Hiking South Africa
To my knowledge it is safe; I’m not aware of any crime incidents there - but basic precautions such as hiking in a group is always advisable.
The gate opens at 7:30. Do take care with the sun and heat in summer (hat, sunscreen and plenty of water).


WE were 6 ladies who hiked the Kogelberg 24 km trail Saurday 24th November. Everything was perfect and scenery and fynbos are beautiful But unfortunately along the Platberg the trail is very badly maintained, one has to struggle through the bush, and you don’t know where you are stepping. Luckily there was only one snake ‘runing’ away from us, we were 1 m close) before that part of the trail. Anyhow I suggest one needs good high hiking shoes and walking stick (Lekkies) as it is quite rocky. One starts to stumble when the muscles get tired.
But all in all a great experience.


Hi there, I was wondering if anyone hiked this trail recently. Me and 3 friends are planning to hit it next weekend, but I heard some guys got lost there, do you know if the trails are marked properly?

There isn’t an abundance of trail markers, but the trail is clear and easy to follow. Make sure you download the Kogelberg brochure and map to help with finding your way: https://www.capenature.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/Kogelberg-map-and-brochure.pdf

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The reserve was closed for a time due to the fire. It might be prudent to just call the office and make sure the trail is open again. I know the trail between the reserve and botanical garden is closed.


Have checked again this weekend and the trail completely burnt down and will be closed for at least summer and winter 2020. This may be extended as the flare that ignited the fire and strong winds of >70km/h categorised the fire as extremely hot. This would destroy any seed/ plant life for the hottest areas and limit any regrowth even with sufficient rain. In fact the loss of topsoil will slow down recovery, so it might be prudent to say the trail will stay closed till end of 2020, but for now the authorities have yet to release an official date of reopening.