Kokkaffe(Swedish boiled coffee)

Add cold water in pot;add coarse ground coffee to (COLD WATER).place on burner bring to a boil.Remove pot and wait for coarse coffee ground to settle to the bottom. Once settled .Slowly pour in cup and enjoy. Cowboy Coffee - How I Make it - YouTube


I first saw this method done by @Waya on RoA some years back. :grinning: :coffee:

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How did it taste?:coffee:

I didn’t taste yet but must try it. He only prepares this way as long as I have known him.

Thanks Stu - In fact I came about it one day while guiding a Kloofing trip in the Nuy River Gorge and I forgot my Bialetti Mokapot… so I simply added the coffee (fine ground does it too!!!) to the boiling water like you would with a Bodum Coffee plunger bring it back to boil and emidiately remove from the heat stir a couple of times, let it rest for 2 minutes and pour slowly into a cup then let the pot rest at an angle to settle the rest of the grounds while you have your first cuppa. Been doing this for the last 20 years on all my kloofing, hike and climbing trips. Until two weeks ago, while attending a WildMedix course in Somerset West and having booked into a cheap Air BnB without a kitchen… so I did the same but directly in the cup and let it settle while having a shower - perfect, no solids! Just don’t add sugar in the cup version :rofl:


Cowboy coffee for the win!

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Yes various names ;but short and sweet version ground coffee in pot/kettle;it just about simplicity to get a good coffee

I’ve also done this multiple times, but I tend to carry a little tea sift with me to keep the ground out of the cup.

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I will throw Swedish Egg coffee into the mix! Something I have yet to try, but was traditionally an approach for making a good cup out of cheap coffee and bad water, which sound great for hiking haha. Though now you have eggs to babysit as well :thinking:

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I am sure you brave​:joy:TO TRY and let us know.:+1:

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