Ladies hiking pants

Hi All.

Anyone know where I can get those ladies hiking pants that zip off at the knee in a small size.




Check out Cape Union Mart and Senqu

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Thanks Arno.

Thanks Sarge

Thanks Wizman

Got in contact with First Ascent and managed to find a size that will fit me.

Thank you all again for the advice.

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Hi Kimmy
I bought mine at Columbia’s store in Garden Route Mall in George. But I am sure I saw them in Sportsmans Warehous/Outdoor Warehouse too.
Hope you find them, they are so convenient.

Thanks CD Dykman.
They are brilliant for hiking in.
Hoping that the XS adult size will fit me lol.

Hi there

I’m not sure where you based, but I got a pair at Drifters, Cape Quarter in Greenpoint, Cape Town.