Last one blow out the candle…

Hi this is a heads up and warning to all who are, or know someone who’s thinking of moving

DO NOT USE “BOS Logistics”

Warn everyone you actually care about, these guys are incredibly bad people. Theres a WhatsApp and FB Group for clients who’ve been screwed over by Shane Tom and Ciara O’Boyle.
They’re still in business still screwing more people over despite this being aired by Carte Blanche.

Their general mo is to take your money loose your goods or send them to the wrong continent and not pay the Port to release the goods or the Clearing company
By this time (3 months demurage costs added on weekly) you’re threatened by the port that they’ll sell your goods at auction to defray costs

You’ve been warned please share the link

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Watched the episode - People are truly heartless out there. Very disturbing.