LF - Multi-fuel stove kit

Specifically want something that can burn petrol that I can nic out the bike when I go camping.
Pics for reference.

Are you selling or looking for this?

Looking for - Hence the “LF” in the heading :slight_smile: Any brand that would do the same sort of thing really, just want something compact that I can use for hiking and when out on the bike.

I have used Benzine (the non toxic one, not sure of spelling) paraffin and gas. Not petrol. Does petrol not foul the jet, and is it not toxic?. I always seem to get some of the fuel on my hands.

A bunch of stuff you could use it quite carcinogenic, the non toxic benzine would be the winner.
I believe the use of petrol would make it need cleaning more often and as for toxicity carrying some latex gloves would use zero space, weigh nothing and then you have some stretchy material to use for something in case of emergency.

Hi @Spectaitor.
Did you find a stove? If so, where and how much were they?

I managed to score one cheap as chips secondhand. They are quite expensive new I must admit.