Light hiking tents - Naturehike

Hi all,

I am looking to buy a light 2-3 man hiking tent which is little over 2 kilograms at a reasonable price.

Naturehike have some good options and are well priced:

  • Cloud 2
  • Mongar

Any thoughts on which one would be better sited for berg hiking? Seems like the Mongar is more spacious and as it is built off the MSR Hubba Hubba so swaying towards that one.


I’m a big fan of the Mongar - very livable and quite sturdy.
The First Ascent Lunar is a bit heavier, but very sturdy.
Both of these are 2-person tents - squeezing in a third might be possible, but it won’t comfortable, so don’t buy it with 3 people in mind.

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Thanks Arno. Looks like a good option and more than half the price of the MSR.
I was worried about weight of First Ascent. They seemed much heavier.

I have been using and enjoying a Naturehike Star River 2 for a couple of years, which is very similar to the Mongar. Think it is based off of one of the Big Agnes designs in this case. 2 doors and vestibules makes all the difference to me when sharing, no crawling over each other and space for both people to stash gear. I find the Cloud Up 2 a little tight, and if I’m splitting the load between two people it doesn’t feel worth the weight saved.

Mine has stood up to some decent wind and rain in the Cederberg, but I don’t frequent the berg, so got nothing to contribute there :sweat_smile:

The Helios would be the more robust 2 man option I know of, but heavier and less flexible.

And if you are looking 3 man then it would probably be the Hiby. Which is about the same weight as the Helio with the benefit of a substantial vestibule for a chunk more money.

If you or partner happens to be tall I would check the dimensions on all of those :thinking: Find it crazy how tent manufacturers are very determined to believe people over 6ft don’t exist.

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I’d get a vango tent I’ve got a vango zephyr 200, camped in heavy rain in the Grootwinterhoek last month and not a drop inside my tent😁

Thanks all. Appreciate the input

I recently hiked the fish river canyon. My first ever hike as hike leader as well as my first ever multi-day hike. I could not find an affordable tent quick enough so i bought a R400 Camp master 200 tent from Makro. For its purpose it served (to keep us out of the dust at night, but the dust still comes in through the mesh in the top. well but i do not think it will withstand any sort of big storm or wind as the pegs it comes with is short. It does not have storm anchor ropes and it has a little fly sheet that barely covers the top of the tent.
i am 183cm in length and the campmaster tent claims 210cm length but because the tent slopes you still kick the other end and it was uncomfortable.

a friend has a nature hike tent, not sure about the model, but i could fit in there just because the shape was a better fit for tall people. but I suggest visiting the stores in Pretoria that sell nature hike gear an test the tent for fit.