Lightweight Shoes

A while back you guys suggested the Salomon 4D Gtx boot and turned out to be amazing, so kinda fell in love with the brand

I now want to get the lightest possible shoes (not boots) but Salomon got so many choices
(for non-related reasons I need to make myself as light as possible so understand this will not have protection or necessarily be waterproof ) but durable enough so I don’t risk have it tear apart or something while getting up a mountain (steep walking/trail, not climbing)

Any advise?

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I mostly hike in my Salomon Speedcross 4 trail runners, and only use boots when doing tougher mountaineering treks. The Speedcross 4 trail runners are very light, comfortable, yet offer more than adequate support for me. I see that Salomon has just released the new Speedcross 5 trail runners, which should be a newer version, and improved, I guess.

I wear my normal Caterpillar Intruder sneakers on every hike and love them for their 4x4 traction.
On my 2nd pair now.
I also carry a light pair of aquatic shoes around as they are awesome for beach hikes, river hikes, etc where you don’t mind walking through the water but your feet are protected from hot sand, stones, etc.

I also use them alot at the dams as it is easy to just walk straight in and swim without limping around like others complaining about the sharp stones in the dam