Long sleeve female shirts with UV protection

Is it just me or does South Africa not really cater for female hikers? I have to pay through my ears for a female backpack just because whatever sits in an affordable price range is too big and mostly designed for men. And now I cannot find long sleeve female shirts with some form of UV protection. The sales lady at Columbia told a friend to just buy a men’s shirt. Really? Ladies, where do you get your gear from? I’m desperately looking for a long sleeve shirt with UV protection to do the Otter trail with but it’s a bit of a struggle.

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HI Ronel

First Ascent makes a high-quality long sleeve hiking shirt for ladies. Pricey but will last for many years.

Arno reviewed the male version here:


Ronel, my wife has the same issue. She started using the K-way arm cooler sleeves for protection and it seems to work. R 140 at Cape union mart.

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Try Mr Price Sport - they make really good hiking shirts and are far cheaper than the competitors. They also make really good hiking pants. I actually find their shirts and pants to be better than K-Way, First Ascent and Cape Storm even though it is half the price.

Female packs are harder to find locally, I know Mountain Mail Order sells them. Added bonus - 10% off if you are an MCSA member. Otherwise if you know someone flying in from Europe, USA or anywhere else with a good online shop - they are very easy to find internationally.

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Builders express sell Becks shirts - quick drying - UV protection very affordable available in small size - really tough but comfortable
In the protective wear section
Have use them a lot
Happy Hiking (HH)

Hello Ronel,
go to Quicksilver, they have Australian shirts with long sleeves and UV protection for females
good luck

Thank you all! I think I’ll opt for the arm sleeves. My eyes water at the prices of actual UV shirts. It’s a toss up between saving for shoes or get a shirt :joy:
But I will do more field work and see what is available and report back. I’m completely in awe that women must struggle to find even the simplest things.

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