Lower Injisuthi Cave to Grindstone Cave In 1 Day

Hi all,

I have recently booked a trip to Injisuthi and the 2nd day will be from Lower Injisuthi Cave to Grindstone Cave. I am just curious to know if anyone has does this route and whether it is do-able in a single day with a stop off at Marble Baths for a swim? Gaia GPS reckons it is about 12.5km but I’m not sure.

Much appreciated


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Hello there!

I an afraid I can’t provide any useful info but would like to hear your experience once you have done it?

Yes it can be done, the path from Marble Baths up the valley was a bit over grown the last time I did this route and some places we had to just bundu bash till we got to the trail.

Thanks very much gents. I will post an update on the condition of the pathways when I am back.

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