Mafadi peak

Hey guys, do you think it is possible to hike Mafadi peak with one arm in a sling?

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depends on your access route - going up Corner pass will be near impossible due to the scramble and most other passes will be risky due to steepness and difficulty of terrain. once on the escarpment you should be fine to hike.
rather wait for it to heal properly.

Not a good idea

Hi Guys.

We are planning to hike up to Mafadi peak in September.
Has anyone been up to Centenary hut lately, and what is it like?


It was largely fixed up a few months back, so its in the best shape its been in in years. Although apparently lots of people are leaving litter in it, which is really sad.

If you’re going there over a long weekend, just be aware that a lot of teams hike up Mafadi on long weekends and there’s a high probability that someone else will be staying there and there may not be space for your team, or they may be unwilling to share the hut if there is space - so take your tent as well. Last team I took up there - May long weekend last year - there was a group of 30+ staying at the hut/in tents outside the hut (well over the group size limit of 12).

Writeup from that hike:

Appreciate your feedback.