Magaliesburg Hiking Trail for beginner


Been procrastinating forever and need to “get out” after some booboos with my usual outdoor activities.

Was hoping to find a nice little camping site near (jhb…maybe magalies?) where I can ride my motorbike to, park, set up tent and go hike (no, dont want to ride all over the place making noise, just mention it’s my “offroad” mode of transportation, and dont want to end up at an entrance stating “no motorcycles” due to this little plastics messing places up)

Any advise? Going to throw my gear in my panniers now and get out of here tomorrow.


Try Foothold in Magaliesburg. Although you would need to pre book today.

Then there’s Rustig in Magaliesburg. Though you can’t camp there. But they do have accommodation.

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Give Kranskloof a call. There’s a site to camp (rather than a campsite, no ablutions, etc.) and two pretty decent trails.