Magoebaskloof Trail


I am planning my third hike in the Magoebaskloof and wondered if anyone have photos or a website link with photos of the Broederstroom Hut?

I have stayed over at the Waterfall, Woodbush, Seepsteen and Dokolewa huts previously but looking to try a different combination.


Hi Ivan

I was there in May this year. I have pics on my external hard drive, but currently on holiday. Apologies.

Firstly, it’s big, about 9 to 10 rooms, if not more. Got 2 bathrooms with showers. No hot water and electricity. It’s got over 30 beds. Very little change of crowding. Even if other people will be around, you can always get into your own room, though it might be dusty.

The 3 occasions I slept over with friends, we used the room with the most beds. As you enter the kitchen, the first door to your right.

Hope you have a great time.

Thank you for the information. I have found your pictures on Google Earth and now have a good idea of what to expect, similar to Woodbush I would say.


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