Mahai Base for hiking

So seeing as anything run by the gov is inept at answering emails and calls, I’m asking here.
1st time at Mahai this weekend, planning to do a fair bit of hiking.

Are there braai facilities at the campsite?
If so are they at each campsite or communal?
I took a powered campsite so need to know if I must now procure one of those caravan plugs or will any extension work to supply power to us?

Lastly, what sites should I make a beeline too. I love water but also want a nice quiet tucked away spot if one exists.

I think each campsite has a braai site. Don’t remember about plugs points… I think they are the normal three-pin ones.

My personal preference for campsites is under the trees on the along the northern side of the campsite. Usually a bit crowded along the river and near the entrance.

Check out the Royal Natal maps on the Forge app. Can also be downloaded for offline use which is useful given the lack of cellphone network in many parts of the Park. Both the hikes you mention are great!


Thanks for the Info.
After arriving early sat morning, we set in an empty area along the river - 9 I think - then went for a hike.
After getting back noticed the entire area had filled up quite quickly.

Aside from the usual trash that seems to plaque campsites (a large family of 5 or so vehicles that decided to party all night) the place was lovely and the hiking unadulterated torture.
I only say that since I realized how horribly unfit I was.
The trail to Gudu falls via the Crack and then down Mudslide was breathtakingly beautiful. Very little falls but still great to see the top of the escarpment around. Pity my feet decided to protest as soon as we descended Mudslide and made the walk back a bit of a test of endurance for me and my two compadre’s.


Can second to that family partying all night - Heard them from site 50!! Otherwise incredible weekend and hiking trails all round


Did no one have a word?
And why?
And the officials, nothing from them?

Drives me up the wall.

There’s a thread on Rude Guests at Cape Nature and CN’'s “blacklist” system. Perhaps with your information you could lodge a query with Ezemvelo?

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We love Mahai camp site… however when we went it was completely full and more than half of the families decided that its was their weekend to get as drunk and loud as possible. No one stopped them. Never again. Promised myself that the only camping I will be doing from then on out would be "wild camping " and that’s working out great so far!

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Lawaai Camp site.

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I actually hadn’t complained since we set out for a hike early that next morning, upon arriving back to base one of the managers (I think) was doing her rounds and asked us about the noise, she assured us that they were warned and that the noise was to be cut out by 9pm.
They were still out at 2AM but in far less quantity so the noise was drowned out by the wind.

I pretty much expect things like this so don’t work myself up about it, I’m too blasé about things that don’t ultimately matter. I should complain more often else I don’t really have a right to get upset if no one else is told.