Making a thermal air mat…

Has anyone thought about adding Down to a regular air mattress?

I’m thinking it would be relatively easy to buy a down pillow and put about about 200-300g down inside the air Matt.

Have seen people cut and reshape their mats as you can heat bond the edges back together with an iron. It might come down to finding something with a baffle pattern that would allow you to distribute the down without having to take apart multiple seams. Probably something that stops the down from migrating too easily, horizontal baffles and then open down the one side maybe?

What mat are you thinking?

I’ve got this First ascent Aero 5.5 Lightweight Mattress - First Ascent which the down would move quite easily through the mattress

I can’t find a fault with the idea yet.

I wonder if it is the sort of thing you would want hydrophobic down for? That could possibly reduce any mold growth in the down/mat when air is put in.

Balance might end up being cost/weight to building it versus higher performing things like suspended thermal barriers. But that doesn’t count the fun of building and experimenting :sweat_smile: