Medical evacuation insurance for FRC

Hi all

I know this has been addressed before on this forum, but it look like things have changed since then. I am planning a hike down the Fish River Canyon and struggling to find a travel insurance company that:

a) Does not specifically exclude the FRC in their policy (e.g. Bryte, TIC)
b) And/or does not provide search and rescue coverage

My medical aid covers adventure sports, but not the search and rescue. I’d appreciate it if anyone can recommend a company they’ve recently used that will be able to provide additional cover?

Thank you

When I did it in 2021 I know I dug around trying to solve the same issue. I seem to have ended up using these folks. I can’t say if it was a good option, as thankfully nothing went wrong so no way to test :sweat_smile: But at the time it looked like they covered hiking like this and some form of search and rescue. Would take a look through, might be different now, and I see there is also a sports add-on.

As far as I can tell it covers some of search and rescue. R15k-R30k, not sure if that is a lot in terms of this? And doesn’t seem to exclude hiking even from the base package which many do.

Thank you very much, I’ve reached out to them to see what they can offer.

15-30K doesn’t sound like a lot if a helivac is needed… :woman_shrugging: Let’s hope I will never have to find out!

Let us know how it goes!