Mnweni Pass - looking for hikers

Hello all, I am new here!
I am in Africa for a few months and before I leave at the start of January I would love to hike Mnweni Pass. This would be ideally the first week in January, but I am not experienced enough/I do not want to go on my own. So I was wondering if any experienced hikers were thinking of doing this route at this time, or would potentially be able to take me up?
I am fit and have some hiking experience.

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I am wanting to hike around the Mnewni area over the new year. If you are free join me. I have never hiked the area but I think I have enough expericeto hike there.

Hi there!
Mnweni pass is amazing and combining it with Rockeries pass will give make an incredible 3 or 4 day loop.
I do recommend employing the services of a guide if you do not find a group who knows the area; and also try to be at least 3 people - it is very remote and any accident / injury will leave you in a difficult situation if only 2 hikers.
The article below gives a nice overview of the Mnweni area as well as some contact details for guides. They are not very expensive and it is a cool way to invest in the local tourism economy.