Moisture Management / Wind-& Rain proof / Warm jacket

Hi guys, I am hiking Champagne Castle next weekend, staying over for 2 nights. I am looking for a jacket with high moisture managing qualities, but also windproof and fully waterproof. Any suggestions would be highly appreciated.

I hiked with a non-moisture managing fleece and jacket this past weekend and my base layer (which does have the above) was soaking wet.

The jacket must be suitable to use for Kili in August. Thank you.

It’s always a good idea to separate your layers based on purpose. What I mean is, your rain jacket should be just that: keep the rain and wind out. It shouldn’t also be an insulating later, because if it gets wet, it takes ages to dry.

My preferred combo is a merino t-shirt, a technical fleece over that (fairly lightweight, wicking and quick-drying) and then the rain jacket over that. I can highly recommend the Black Diamond Stormline rain jacket.

If you’re walking up a steep hill, your body heat will definitely still cause some condensation inside the rain jacket, but the fleece will absorb most of that, to be dried out later.

I always keep some dry layers (thermals and a down jacket) in a drybag for when we reach camp, so that if, worst case scenario, everything gets wet, you can still get into something warm and dry for the night.

Hope that helps


If its worth anything - I took layers and a Goretex raincoat for Kili - It didn’t work so well in the hot lower forest as the Goretex really needs it to be hotter inside the jacket than outside to work - Once we got to the end of the second day that was fine.
I think theres a difference between a waterproof jacket and a Raincoat:
Personally I carry a waterproof Poncho as the Rain coat/ground sheet/Tarpaulin and it lives inside the rucksack rain cover pocket, other than that I use the Goretex jacket as a layered windproof waterproof jacket.

I did a 3 day Hike in the UK winter on the First night it was pitch black by 4pm, I was lost, set up camp, ate and was bored by 18:00 I slept well until 12, and then wide awake and bored again - it only got light at 09:30 - Longest night of my life and there was another one the next day! Each morning I poured out over two litres of condensation from my breath (single walled tent)
It snowed and was bloody cold the whole time. I hiked with a base layer, a thick wool polo neck and the Goretex jacket, with the poncho when the snow warmed up and became rain.
I carried a separate Base layer and was fine with these conditions Oh and I had waterproof pants too.

Now Ive got a down jacket in lieu of the wool jersey, but that thing is warm even when its wet. But I love my Goretex jacket.


Hi Arno, thank you so much for this - exactly what I needed. I just replied on one of your old postings regarding the BD jacket, so you have pretty much answered my questions. :wink: Would still like to know what you think of the K-Way expedition rain/wind etc. jacket vs the BD stormline.

Thank you,

Appreciate your response. I have been searching for Gore-Tex and could not really find anything in SA. Is that an operator issue? LOL. My biggest concern for the outer jacket is the wicking properties so that I do not end up with wet base layers.

Interesting about using the poncho as a ground sheet!! THANKS for that. Any more suggestions on blocking a little bit (or A LOT - yeah right) of cold from the ground?

I see the BD waterproof pants comes highly recommendable. K-Way also has one, but I like the idea of the BD being stretchy.

Hahaha, love your story! Thanks for making me laugh … although I am sure it was no laughing matter to you at the time.

@Betsy I wanted to write you a full response but soon got bogged down, then recalled that there are others who have covered this topic well, they are also ultra experienced. I have found my experiences to align. Here are the links, they may help with decision making if not your whole expectation.

If you want try out Columbia’s Outdry gear. Locally at


Thank you Carl, will have a look at the links. Much appreciated!