Mountain Designs 60l backpack

Hi All

Edge 60l backpack for sale (Australian made) has had very little use as I have been using a smaller Edge pack. The harness system is one of the most comfortable that i have used. Also of interest, is the floating hood, the rear stowage compartment for a water bladder or other things and the top cinch strap in the main compartment is very useful to cinch down the tent if you carry one in that position. The rear stowage area has got a hard material and is used for carrying crampons if there is such a need - R1500

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@serioustribe. Apologies, I’m new to the forum so don’t know how to send a PM yet. Is the tent still available? I’m interested in it, how can I make contact to discuss it?

Hi Itcrowd.
The tent has been sold. I was trying to edit the add, but couldn’t work out how to do it. So sorry for getting your hopes up.

I do have an almost new First Ascent Eclipse 3 man tent going for R2200 if u are interested.

Hi, is the pack still available?

Hey Brave mouse. Yes it is available.