Mountaineering / Snow / Cold Weather Gear

Mountaineering gear used once for Mount Albrus.

New the gear is worth over R10,000. The jacket alone is almost R6k new. Take the whole lot for R5,800.

Malamute Down Snow Jacket (XL) - R4,000
Balaclava’s - R200 Each
Ski pants (M) - R1,000
Thermal long johns (M) - R250
Gloves and Inners - R500
Socks - R150

Happy to post anywhere in the country. Price is excluding postage.
Contact me on 072 623 8504 or

2nd hand Socks and Long Johns… for sale, Really??? I thought Corona is bad… But that beats my perception of desperation. Funny times ahead!

Hey man. Nothing wrong with clean 2nd hand items. Worn and washed long before the pandemic started and nothing wring with them being used after either. Be my guest, buy new if you so feel. :+1:


:+1: as said keep the funny moments alive :rofl:

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