Move to Trekking poles

Hi I have always used 1 wooden walking pole and want to migrate to 2 trekking poles.I was thinking of the set sold by Sportmans Warehouse the Sherpa or do you suggest I pay more for either the Hyrax composite or the Ibex Alu.They need to be strong but also slide into each other easily so they can be packed away when not required.


Hi Chris
I bought a hiking pole from Checkers Hyperamrket for around R150 a couple of months ago and have been amazed at how well it has lasted.

You probably get what you pay for, and the choice depends how much you’ll use them. I prefer poles with flick-lock or similar adjustment methods to ones with rotating segments (the internal mechanism can corrode and stick, especially if they regularly get wet). As far as ‘sliding easily’ goes, check if they’re adjustable, you should be able to tighten or loosen the locks with an Allen key. I have Black Diamonds which seem to last forever even with heavy usage, but they’re not cheap.

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Hi there Chris, I have this pole and am very happy with it (compare the price and weight to the First Ascent). Also walking with one.

There is nothing wrong with a cheap R150 pole either, I have had two - the one bent beyond repair in-between rocks (user error), and the twist lock on the other eventually gave up the ghost on the Fish River (due to sand). The one lasted approx. 2 years of regular use, which is not bad for a budget purchase