MSR tent refurbishment

Hi Everyone,

Does anyone know of a place I can get my Hubba Hubba refurbished? It is getting sticky on most of the surfaces, including the footprint.

I’ve spoken to the people at Blue Hole Camping Accessories as recommended in one of the threads here, but unfortunately they can’t help.

The HH has been an amazing tent, but I can’t justify a new one. (My ideal would be a FA Peak and the HH for lighter use.)

Many thanks, Kevin

My best guess depending on the fabric would be that it has started to undergo hydrolysis, which is a tricky one to come back from. (Very dependent on the age and materials of the fabric)

This is an interesting read on attempting to repair this yourself.

I would try contact Eiger Equipment, who I think are the main distributor here. I’ve never gotten around to it but I know they told me they would repair a beat up second hand MSR stove I picked up at some point.

Thanks. Just been to look at the FA Eclipse as well. Very nice looking tent.

A bit late to the party here, not sure where you are with this?

Last bit of info I received is that tent fabric is difficult and tedious to repair. I have heard some success stories of ordering replacement flysheets from wherever you bought the tent, or any MSR retailer - much more affordable than buying a whole new tent.