Multi-day December Drakensberg hike


Relatively new hiker here. I have all the needed gear for overnight hikes, but I have never attempted one. Did a few day hikes in the Drakensberg a few years back and some hikes in the Western Cape during my undergrad. I am fit and healthy. I want to attempt a solo multi-day hike. Not sure if I am in over my head after reading some comments. Just want to break away from JHB and do some soul searching over the Christmas New year period. Preferably in Drakensberg, but I am openminded. Any advice and recommendations would be appreciated!!!

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I read more forums and see it’s not a good idea to do solo trips being unexperienced with the Drakensberg. Any suggestions as to a good place to stay and camp where I have access to a few one-day hikes over the holiday period? Or a group I can possibly join for a multi-day hike?

Hi Monre.

If you’re inexperienced multi-day solo hiking in the berg is not wise. Many rescues involve solo hikers. In Dec the weather will also be volatile. Camp managers may not even allow you to venture off all on yr lonesome.

Most of the Ezemvelo camp sites will offer excellent day hike options. Though all will be jampacked over Dec. Look at booking soon.

Monks Cowl can turn into a bit of a circus with helicopters flying about, tourists trampling all over the place and such. I have read/heard complaints about Royal Natal too. Look towards Injisuthi perhaps. Or further south.

I suggest you obtain some of the Slingsby maps of the areas you intend on visiting. They are cheaper at the camp sites but great to have whilst planning. (Available at Cape Union, Drifters and see link below…)

I also suggest you visit Vertical Endeavour (VE) for ideas.

Another option is this:

Spend time reading on VE, get a map or two, plan a hike, fix a date/time period then propose on VE’s “Upcoming Hikes” thread (and here on HSA) your ideas and ask if anyone wants to join or has space in their group. This might work out for you.