Multi day hike meals

So, more Giant’s Cup Trail info needed…this time…food…and “accessories”…
I.e. Do those 4 huts (we’re not staying in Bushmans Nek hut on the last night) have pots, plates etc?

Last time I did a multi day hike I was in standard 8 (you can see how long ago that was) where we did the Fanie Botha and my friend and I ate dehydrated pasta and sauce for the duration. Looking for a little more nutrition on this one but not the ready dehydrated meals that cost an absolute fortune…

What would you guys recommend?

I’m thinking brown rice/whole wheat pasta as a dinner carb Base. Oats/instant oats as brekkie. Dried fruit and gummies as snacks. Lunch? Does one “risk” the added weight of some tuna?

So you know those pictures you see of Mcdonald’s burgers lasting forever at room temperature without going bad…


:rofl::rofl: wouldn’t be a bad idea…if I liked the stuff to start with. :hamburger:

There are quite a few freeze dried or dehydrated food options available now. Not cheap but a good option for nutrition and ease of preparation. As far as I understand the ‘freeze dried’ version retains more nutrition in the desiccation process.
Look at Forever Fresh, Mama Alles and well just Google and you’ll find.
I have not tried them all but many on this forum rate Forever fresh highly.

You can get tuna in saches now too. For me I’d prefer not to carry the stink around once opened. So I’d skip it. Try Cabanossi, Metenden or Salami instead. Nuts are good. And some dried fruit. Or make a trailmix with dried fruit, seeds, nuts etc.

@calypso Hahahahahaha! :joy: :joy: :joy: