Multi Day Hiking Equipment For a Shorty

Good day Hikers :slight_smile:

Looking for some info on buying an affordable multi day backpack.
I’m 153cm and quite a petite person how many liters is advisable and what packs can you recommend.

I’m currently looking at a k-way 60+10L.


Best advice for backpacks is always to try on for fit if possible, and make sure whoever is helping you out puts some weight in the bag as well. I would say 60L is more than big enough for most treks you would do here, particularly if you are petite, as clothes/bags/bags/food all shrink alongside you. Would guess you could get away with something in the 50L range. Always find you fill any space available to you anyway, so more can be dangerous. If you have your other stuff already, fill a box up with it and then measure the volume.

Cape Union hates putting any product details on their website, so can’t help much there :sweat_smile:

General suggestions would be an adjustable torso length, loadlifters on the shoulders, hip belt pockets and easy access external side and front pockets. A pack in this class doesn’t make much sense to me over the 2kg mark either.

Cheapest entry point I know meeting that is Naturehike. Never experienced this pack, but have other things from them I’m happy with.

Hike with people using The Capestorm 55. This has done everyone fine, though some starting to show wear after a couple of years.

If you are happy spending a bit more, my partner loves her Osprey Exos. Comfy, light and lifetime warranty. Would look out for new stock, as the revision this year adds back in hipbelt pockets, which they removed for no reason for a while.

I don’t know there lineup at all, but Gregory packs are available here, and have a good rep up their with Osprey.


Thank you so much for all this very helpful advice, I would definitely say I have a far better idea of what to look for now :slight_smile:

Will post here what I go with.

I’m sure other petite people out there will be able to benefit from this very useful info :wink:

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All that @Jaxz says, and…

…don’t be shy to try on Osprey Kids packs either, might fit you and a bit cheaper.

And I must stress

…make sure you try on several packs with at least 9kg evenly loaded. I know people who prefer their nasty old K-Way over Gregory due to fit. I’ve also tried on ‘brilliant’ packs that ate into my body somewhere. Wear the pack in the store for a bit and if they have stairs climb them up and down. Also, not all sizes are made equal either despite a near so-called std method to measure volume. Best option is to maybe take your large gear to the shop and see how easily it packs. Or simulate the mission with similar in-store gear.

But certainly take yr time.

p.s. It might help if you indicated a budget, lots of people on this forum have been down the same pack buying tunnel in the last few years so that’s something that could facilitate advice

And…read these threads:

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Agreed on the Osprey exos (48 I think) for a petite person

But size of pack depends on your equipment specifically tent and sleeping bag
Weigh everything you’re going to pack then take the tent sleeping bag and bladders snd bottles of water making up the weight to walking weight and try packs on fully loaded.
I’d imagine you’re looking at about 15-17 kgs max
The First Ascent Vdnus is lovely (other than not being green)
There’s a brand OEX Vallo 60 which is great value for money if you can find one via the Chinese market places
The Highland range are ok but check out the Osprey Renn as a side by side comparison

My wife has the Osprey Volt 60 which is an awesome bag but sportsman’s wharehouse priced it incorrectly so hog footed it down and brought it at an absolute steal a fey years ago.