Multifuel stove - White gas

Hi Everyone.
So I recently purchased a multifuel stove and I read/heard that white gas (aka Naptha aka Coleman gas) is the best stuff to use in it. However, after lots of phoning around none of the big camping stores seem to sell any. I have also read that Benzine is the same stuff but then I read more and others say it is not. So I dont know what to believe.

Could someone (anyone) please point me in the right direction to find White Gas here in Cape Town.

Thank you!

As far as I know Benzine is it.
But Benzene is not.
(available at common hardware stores, pnp etc)

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Benzine is what I used to use. Benzene is apparently the bad stuff

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I have a coleman dual fuel that recommends white spirits but truthfully I’ve been using the same fuel I put in my motorbike Coleman 442 or Featherlite.
Smells a bit when it starts going and always has spot but it’s brilliant

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Coleman fuel is only available in the USA
Benzene is the cleanest burning and most efficient (heat per volume) fuel to use.
Paraffin is also great , except for the smell if you spill any.
Unleaded fuel do contain additives that can eventually clog the jet, which might be easy to clean.

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Thanks everyone for your replies.
I found a place in Cape Town that stocks just the stuff I was looking for. Primus Power Fuel. It is designed for gas burners and did the job beautifully.

Which place in Cape Town please?

If you click the link above it takes you to the store page. It was from Just Like Papa in Cape Town.

Thank you very much.

Benzene is I believe not what you want to use, apparently highly carcinogenic. Benzine is not the same, although not that good for you, is the better of the 2.

White gas is benzine. Also a fraction of the price of the rebranded stuff