MYOG - Fabric and accessories


Does anyone know if dyneema and cordura fabrics are readily available in South Africa? I am also looking for accessories like toggles, buckles, rope end stoppers, etc.

I am based in PE. Things are very limited down here. But if someone knows of a source in PE then please let me know.

Thanks, Helen

For paraphenalia most large haberdasheries and/or sailing-gear outfitters might help


Unfortunately one can’t get hold of those fabrics in South Africa. As a manufacturer of ultralight hiking gear we have searched everywhere. One can only import from Europe and the US. DCF is extremely expensive. With import duties it can easily reach R1000 per m.

Toggles etc. are usually found in bulk, but if you DM me, we can see if I can send you what you need from our stock. Maybe even some fabric if you want.


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I’d still buy a tent or other products from you.
I’d love to support our local manufacturers… :blush:

Hi Carl. Thanks so much for getting back to me.

Hi Chris. Thanks so much for your reply. I am super keen to pay you a visit when I am in CT in March and have a look at your backpacks.