Naturehike ULG400

Has anyone tried the NH ULG400? Seems to be the lightest and cheepest below 0*c bag in SA…

Any other recommendations?

I actually found my local Mr. Price Sport at Menlyn Park in Pretoria still had stock of the -5 degree Senior Cowl sleeping bags. I think they were around R650. It is a synthetic bag, so it is heavier, but I have used it in the Drakensberg successfully. Unfortunately you can no longer find it on their online stores, so it may be fased out in the future.

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The Sea to Summit Spark bags are also extremely lightweight, but very expensive: Sea to Summit Spark SpIII - Drifters Adventure Centre

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I would strongly consider Hex Valley Down sleeping bags. They offer the option to customize your sleeping bag to your measurements and required temperature rating. They use 850 Fill power vs the 800 of Nature Hike. And as a bonus you will be supporting a local business instead of a chinese one. Hex Valley Down is also a more cost effective option.


I agree with @Outdoorboy. I recently bought a Hex Valley Down sleeping bag. The down they use has a crazy fill power. The clusters are huge. I opted for 600g of fill, over the standard 550g of fill and the down chambers are absolutely stuffed when they’re lofted. They’re super responsive and accommodating. I’ve asked for some changes to my bag, and they’re now making my bag slightly longer and adding a neck baffle, while not adding any extra down. My bag comes to just under 1kg, and is rated minus 3, which I can attest for: over Easter I slept on top of a snowy Giant’s Castle, only in long johns and was nice and warm. Their down is ethically sourced from mature geese that naturally shed large down clusters. So support local and the price is better than other local competitors too.