Need help with basecamp

hi im trying to create a track on basecamp ive created tracks before but no clue how to make this one . we need to take a path to get to the track but we will be using the same path 3 times on one hike this is our track we take the path then turn left into mvubu trail which circles back to the path then we take the path again and turn right into inkonkoni trail which circles back into the same path which takes us to the car im maybe thinking about splitting the track into part A and part B if i dont come right with making the trail we walked it before so i have a detailed visual of the track and i can make one consistent track if i manually draw the track which will be kinda easy but time consuming i maybe thought about copying and pasting the track and paths and join them which ive done on other paths but its not working on this one please help any ideas to make it work ?