New hiker

Hlo all ,I new to hiking , visiting plett soon ,wondered any nice hiking spots in or around plett area thanks Paul

Hi @Paul12345! Welcome to the forum.

Robberg is an absolute must-do if you’re in the Plett area. It’s a fantastic day hike, but you can turn it into a 2-day hike by booking the Fountain Shack which is a real gem as well.


Thanks Arno never new it had a hiking trail​:grinning:And overnight,I probably must just ask at the main gate,been going to plett many ages,now only starting “hiking” wannebe :joy:

You can book it through Cape Nature:

Thanks this is very helpful

Hi Paul, Robberg is a must. If you enjoy gentler trails, you can also head up the N1 to Tsitsikamma/Storms River National park. There are one or two lovely, very chilled day trails in the area, and you can hike the first few kilometres of the Otter Trail too. You will need to buy a permit on entry.

There are also some trails in the Harkerville forest area, a few kilometres towards Knysna.


Thanks looks very nice

What others have said about Robberg is spot-on and if you can get a night at the Fountain Shack and spend a night in the reserve you won’t be disappointed. Absolutely magical and pretty unusual to have an entire nature reserve to yourself once the sun sets.
Can now be booked online: CapeNature - Online Portal

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Hi thanks go Robberg info. What is the overnight hut like?

:see_no_evil:not there yet, only going in November


The hut is amazing. Beds with matresses. There is a gas stove, some water, a braai place and a freezer as well as utensils and some pots and pans. Outside is a deck with chairs and an epic view of the waves, shoreline and hopefully a magical sunset. You can only book the entire hut to yourself and need to walk to it and take sleeping bags, food, drinking water and braai wood/charcoal.