New member looking for (Limpopo) hikes

Hey everyone,

New member here. I’m Marcel, from the Netherlands but I’ve been in SA for a while now, and hoping to stay much longer. I’ve been coming here for many years now after I fell in love with the country in 2006. Especially as a biologist, the nature is amazing here, and as someone who likes mountains, it is quite a step up from the little ol’, flat Netherlands.

Right now, I live in a small town in Limpopo, Hoedspruit, and it is proving to be kind of hard to find hiking buddies. I’ve done quite a few hikes in the area solo, which is also great, but it would be nice to team up for some hikes.

Unfortunately, my time is somewhat limited to the weekends for now, due to work, so I can’t go too far. However, if anyone is up for hiking in the Hoedspruit/Magoebaskloof area, let me know. I still have a lot of the Mariepskop to explore, as well as Lekgalameetse/Wolkberg/Agatha reserves. I’m also quite familiar with the Soutpansberg, possibly my favourite area of SA so far. Some great hikes to be done over there.

So yah, I’m always up for trying out new trails or redoing some of my favorites around here. Any excuse to go out in nature is a good one. I’ll be keeping an eye on the forums here as well.




Hello Marcel

I saw your message and wanted to reach out.

I am based in Haenertsburg which is about 5km from Magoebaskloef. I am looking for hiking buddies.

Walked the PCT in 2019, have done numerous hikes in and around the area. One day I want to walk the Via Alpina😊.

I am very flexible as it is winter and my garden, landscaping business is very quiet.

Kind regards



Hey Barry,

Thanks for the message. Yah totally. I love the Haenertsburg area, been there quite a bit. So much to do there.

I just missed out on a 4-day Wolkberg hike this weekend as I have work and half my camping gear is still in the Netherlands, haha. Sorting that out asap. But I’ve seen the mountain from Lekgalameetse side and it looked awesome, so that is still on my short-term to-do list.

Agatha reserve I haven’t been to but same story really. I found a gps track up to Iron Crown, that must be quite nice. And I also must go back to Lekgalameetse, that place was stunning. Then there is the Mariepskop where I have some exploring left to do, haha.

If any of this sounds good, let me know, I’ll pm you my details.

This country has too many beautiful areas :slight_smile:

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Hello Marcel

I grew up in the Legalametsi, it was originally owned by my great grand farther. I am glad you enjoyed it. The are some beautiful pools up there besides the scenery.

My cell number is 0733103164 if it is easier to what app.

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For some reason I can’t get through to your what’s app number. Hope to hear form you soon.

Glad to hear that you are enjoying the nature and scenery of S.A. so far! It is for sure a privilege to be staying in such a beautiful country with such as vast array of biodiversity. Hoedspruit is one of my personal favorite spots in S.A. What areas/routes in the Soutpansberg have you hiked thus far?

Mostly in the eastern part, around the highest point, Mount Lajuma and some to the north of that. Beautiful area. The area is being a bit more ‘developed’ last few years, well before covid hit, so there are a few longer trails that go over multiple farms. Theoretically, you can just pack your bag and do the whole mountainrange, haha. Another time maybe:)

But yah, plenty of hikes to do in Hoedspruit area as well. Just today I heard they are recovering a bunch of old trails, close to the Rondavels. No one has been there for many years, but there are still the painted markings around.

It is a privilege for sure to be here :slight_smile:

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