New rain jacket on the block

Joburg. She even managed to have it delivered, in Jhb at her sister’s, though I don’t think they do delivery nationally.

They also have mens outdry jacket, the Reign or something, expensive…R4k…

ps I was also looking at windbreakers, BD Alpine Start vs Patagonia Houdini etc but feel these items are ridiculously overpriced (cannot justify it yet). The alpine start at least has some interesting fabric one won’t need to DWR retreat and gets stellar reviews.

Ouch on the men’s price there! Really keen but definitely couldn’t justify replacing my existing jacket :rofl:

The windbreaker prices are crazy, actually managed to pick up a Houdini at a massive discount the other day, end of season on colorways and I’m not too picky. But even then there is still a part of me that is grumpy over the price, it is a piece of nylon and a zip. Haven’t had much of a chance with it yet, but interested to see how breathable it is.

The high end rain jacket plot thickens, with a contender from FA Here

Guessing their target market is Porsche uncles that want to climb Kili. Its interesting though, as there arent many high end jackets in the “normal” retail segment (cape union, outdoor warehouse, etc).

I have seen their new offering - will have to see what people think of it, and how it holds up after some use.

Interesting seeing eVent in use, FA rarely licenses high end materials. Not something I have any use for particularly at that price, but actually really glad to see them doing some higher end stuff.

Always a little thrown by how focused our local brands can be on the lack of knowledge and willingness to spend of the local consumer whenever I talk to them. But then also offer nothing to buy in the higher end space either, or mediocre gear near the same price as highend imports.

Can also feel like it is a fallout from us not having a ‘review culture’, at 6k for a jacket I’m going to want to read something from a range of people who have used it extensively in rough conditions. I can get that for a Patagonia jacket, where as local, half the time it’s a paid for paragraph in Getaway from someone who took the hiking jacket on a 2 day road trip if you are lucky. Arno’s material on here and Ruth’s video feels like the only thing we have at all in that space.


In my view a general Souf Affrican malady: “talk big, take all, offer nothing”.

On a lighter note check out these bad ass Cape Onion hikers. Don’t recall ever feelings so, so, so moody in the outdoors, but what do I know

We should start one…called Gear-Snoot, or “What’s all this then?” or something like “Fong Kong & McCoy”…think I’ll get back to work now