New Trail Issue Alert feature

Hi HikingSA community.

Forge have just released a trail issue alert function on the app.

The Trail Issue Alert function allows app users to report issues directly from the app via a simple form. Issues that can be logged include:

  • Damaged or missing trail infrastructure (like erosion logs and boardwalks),
  • Overgrown or closed paths and,
  • Forge map discrepancies (incorrect or out-of-date information/data).

The alert form includes a map where you can pinpoint the exact location of the issue and an image upload option to enhance issue descriptions. Alerts submitted are instantly received by Forge, allowing them to update the maps and alert the relevant trail authority where possible.

This function allows trail users to assist with conservation efforts by crowdsourcing and sharing information. The ‘Trail Issue Alert’ aims to bridge the gap between trail users and trail managers. The Trail Issue Alert is (at the time of writing) in beta testing and Forge is encouraging users to try it out and submit feedback. By working together, Forge aims to assist in keeping our hiking trails in top condition and helping to ensure the sustainable conservation of our beloved nature reserves.

[Dislosure: I work for Forge, admin please feel free to remove if considered ‘advertising’]


this is a great initiative. When I did the whale trail I was very disappointed with the lack of maintenance of the trail, which is resulting in erosion. Also the infestation of aliens. And on a recent day hike in garden castle, a couple of ladders near the “mud slide” are broken or have parts missing, which could potentially be dangerous. I did report the issues to relevant authorities, but am not confident that they will be followed through. I was dismayed on the whale trail. Is this system of yours producing results?

Our system really acts as a unified portal to report the issues. We have a good working relationship with CapeNature and are in talks with EKZNW. They are definitely more receptive to the trail issues that we collate but unfortunately, we don’t have any sway in results on the ground.

This is a really good idea!

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