No ultralight tents in SA?

Hi everyone

I’m trying to find a lightweight (sub-1kg) one person tent, preferably a trekking pole type tent, but there don’t seem to be any on the local market (as with so much other gear).

Does anyone know if there’s anything like this available in SA? (preferably at a price that doesn’t require me to sell an organ)


Can wait for Decathlon to stock theirs ( or get from here ULTRALIGHT TENT - 3F UL GEAR Ultralight Outdoor Gears

Interesting, I’ll keep an eye on Decathlon.

I’ve had my eye on the Lanshan 1 from 3FUL, had a few people recommend it and it seems decent quality. Pity you have to import it…

I would really prefer not to deal with customs and import duties and that whole headache!

Naturehike had some light ones at 1kg. :woman_shrugging:

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Yes, had my eye on the Spider 1 person tent, but still around 1.6 kg.

The VIK series ultralight tent is 1kg…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Oh yes you’re right, forgot about that one! :sweat_smile: The only issue I have is the fact that it’s a single layer tent so condensation will most likely be an problem…

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I know someone who owns a VIK. Agrees.
But also says it’s not for taller people, he’s around 5’10’'.
So keep that in mind.

Aah yes, I remember seeing that in a review. I’m 185 cm so probably wouldn’t work for me either!

I own a VIK and I dont find condensation a problem. All 1 person tents get condensation. The VIK has the right space and ventilation, so it does not drip, not like other tents. However it will be too short for you at 1.85m


A tent of less than 1 kg will not have strong enough fabric and construction to withstand African conditions and strong wind. You will have to carry a bit more, as we tough South Africans do…

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I have a couple of tents and tarps under a KG or close enough and haven’t had any trouble with them surviving most of our hiking in SA. Fabric technology has gotten impressive, most 20 denier silicone impregnated polyester or nylon will put up with most things as long as you are not silly with them, and the dynema composite fabrics are amazingly strong, they just don’t love abrasion.

Strong wind feels far more a matter of picking appropriate tent forms. Single pole mid style tents are very popular in areas of the UK and europe that face far worse weather and winds than we do, and you can get loads of them at under a kg. Most of the weight is actually in inner mesh and zippers not fabric with modern trekking pole tents.


I’m not sure of available locally, none I can think of. If you are trying to not break the bank with the rand what it is, and simplify life with customs and delivery, then I would suggest browsing amazon with local shipping turned on for a Lanshan 1 or 2 (Pro models are single wall which can have more space). Or alternatively a Six Moon Design Lunar Solo or Duo.

I’ve got a Lunar Solo that has done well, like 800g, single pole and a crazy amount of space on the inside. Little fiddly to learn the setup, and can be a bitflappy if setup poorly, but other than that have been very happy with it.

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Does anyone know what the import duty is on a tent ?

No idea, but it will depend on the declared value I guess. Apparently Amazon calculates that for you upfront on products that ship to SA so there shouldn’t be any nasty surprises when it gets here. Haven’t bought anything from Amazon yet, but I’m going to soon.

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They do, so you pay once and that’s it. Kaviso also do an all-in-one payment including shipping and duties. From what I recall the duties + vat on a tent were not high, it’s just when customs stuffs it up and they register it as a t-shirt and now want to bump the price up 100%. Then it’s a nearly impossible to fix.

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