Northern Cape trails

Hi guys,

I am currently based in the NC and are looking for some hikes in the province (seeing that leisure travel is legal again)! I only can find either the Klipspringer (Augrabies) and the Oorlogskloof (Nieuwoudtville), however info on the latter is quite limited.
Any other recommendations and/or opinion on the fore mentioned would be highly appreciated.

Perhaps this topic can lead to some nice adventures!


Hi Bob. I have once been to the farm Papkuilsfontein (outside Nieuwoudtville). We did a short day hike, but it was beautiful and its a really nice (family friendly) farm to stay at. There is a big canyon and waterfall which is either Oorlogskloof itself or similar to it. I see the Oorlogskloof nature reserve also has some day hikes, and a cursory google showed other options for short day hikes around Nieuwoudtville. Not sure if overnight hikes will be allowed yet. Perhaps a trip to Nieuwoudtville is on the cards?

Another obscure project (depending on your appetites) could be to climb the highest peak in the Northern Cape, Murch Point. Theres some information on this website, not sure how much of a hike it actually is In fact, I think the point is more accurately a trig beacon than an endearing summit. But it may be a fun project.

Hope the info is relevant

Hi Bob77
I hiked Oorlogskloof in September 2012, and can really recommend it! It is quite tough, but beautiful. The terrain is diverse with semi-arid areas and wet, almost forest-like areas around the Oorlogskloof river and waterfall. There is even a type of Clivia endemic to the area. I was amazed at the vegetation in the area, and how the smallest crevice in a rock can be home to a small plant.
When we did the hike the accommodation was very rustic, in tents pitched in scenic areas with beautiful views. Apparently they have built log cabins now.
In short, you won’t regret hiking this trail.

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The Buffels and the Moordenaar - Hiking South Africa

Hi Guys,

Thanks a lot for all the info! I will definitely look into all of them.
A fun project looks like those 9 peaks! Perhaps I can start-off with my Northern cape leg.