Oribi Gorge

Good day

I am currently in the South Coast of KZN

I have one day open and would like to go hiking here…

So far Oribi Gorge looks like the best option, has anyone recently hiked at Oribi?

Any recommendation on which trail is best?

What is the safety like in the park?

Any other hikes worth considering in the area?

Thanks in advance.


Hi Brent
Several trails in the Gorge. Simango falls. A short walk, 40 min either way.
Hoopoe falls. 1.5 hrs round trip 3 hrs.
Mziki is a 4.5 hr round trip. It’s 9km.
Lehr falls is in the Oribi Gorge Hotel side.
Private property. Accommodation available.
Oribi Gorge also has accommodation.
Tent areas also.
Umtamvuna in Port Edward also offers great walks and has accommodation.
Hikes are safe.

Good day Sarge

Thank you for the response I appreciate it.

I went to the gorge but unfortunately could not do any of the hikes, drove in the the oribi hotel area, found out we were not at the right place and then it started to belt down with rain.

Where is the actual entrance to the gorge to access these hikes? Lake Eland reserve?
Kind regards

The main “entrance” to the reserve is just off the N2 and a map and info on the hikes can be sourced from the EKZNW Hutted Camp (
Google Maps) which is also where some of the hikes start.