Otter Trail 18-22 May, looking for up to four to join


I am new to this forum :slight_smile:

I am an American living in South Africa since 2019. After a long journey (booking a year advance, then postponing because of COVID) -some friends and I are finally doing Otter Trail 18-22 May. Unfortunately, a few of our friends who were meant to travel from overseas are no longer able to make it.

As a result I have four open spots for the Otter Trail from 18-22 May. It is too late for me to get a refund from SANParks on this reservation so I am just keen to not lose what I have already paid. I will ask for the SANParks fees (R1450pp) but am a little bit flexible. If youโ€™re interested -please PM me and we can go from there. For safety and verification purposes (my group is all woman) Iโ€™ll ask that we do some sort of zoom or phone call before proceeding.


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I did the hike last week, what an awesome experience. There are 2 huts sleeping 3 each and there are 3 tents as well each night. Covid19 restrictions only allow 50% occupancy. Stupid rule LOL

All the best in finding some people for the hike and have loads of fun. It is a very safe 5 day hike :+1:

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Hi Sand2016

I may very well be interested. Those tickets still available?

Day 4 looks interesting:
The 21st is the Blaukrans river crossing - Low Tide is 05:13โ€ฆ and its 13km from the hut. Whats the plan?
Youve got 7ks after that too.

My low tide was 5hrs later at 10h32 two weeks ago when I was there and we took around 4 to 5 hrs to get there from the previous overnight Hut on as we woke up at 4am and left at 5am with head torches.

I got there first at 9h45 and was early and crossed the river ankle deep all the way.