Otter Trail - how to make bookings

I want to make a booking for 6 people for next year starting 15 Feb. I don’t have much flexibility on dates so I want to get the booking in as soon as they open. It looks like from the website you have to email or phone as there doesn’t seem to be an option to book online. Does anyone have advice on how to make sure I get the booking done before all the spots are gone?

Right. So apparently the email address on the Sanparks website is WRONG. You don’t email anymore. You just email the usual reservations address. Also, there is an application form for booking and people do it up to 14 months in advance (this is what I was told on the phone this morning).

Hopefully this info will help someone. I have missed the dates I needed, so it’s back to the drawing board for me :frowning:


I’m sorry I didn’t see this in time! Written applications are 14 months in advance and all applications get placed onto their system. The day bookings open, it does a random selection and notifies all clients. Get the form and fill it out for your next best dates ASAP!

The online booking should be refreshed tomorrow ( as Feb 2021 opened from 7:30 this morning. I phoned this morning and managed to get what we wanted.

Thanks Dieter. Unfortunately the person at Sanparks we spoke to in Feb didn’t mention the application and so my hopes were raised that we would be able to get in for Feb 2021 on the dates I wanted if we phoned today. I have requested the form and will probably try now for October. I did manage to book 18 Feb, but it’s probably not going to work so if anyone is looking, there is probably going to be a 6 spot cancellation coming up at some point.

I don’t know how correct this info is but I read a few places that it is more pleasant to cross the river on day 4 during a lower tide. Have a look here and try plan around day 4 being near the full moon or no moon. I think it will also just look better in general if the moon is out at night.

Thanks Dieter. I think that is a good point re the tides and thanks for the link. We are going to try to book for October.

Since, I understand, Sanparks deals with multiple applications for the same date by choosing at random, do you know if people tend to do a couple of applications for different dates, in case they don’t get picked for their preferred date?

Bestest thing is find out exactly what date the October bookings open. That morning at 7:25 AM phone the number and book. Bookings do open at 7:30 so you may have to hold on or phone in a few minutes again. Do the form as well.