Otter trail, huts are closed!

Just a heads-up, if you are hiking the Otter the huts on the trail are closed due to COVID 19. You must take your own tent to sleep in. We where never informed by SANPARKS and had to drive to Knysna to buy tents on day one before starting the hike.

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I got and email on the 27th and it started with:

The attached communication might not have reached all intended recipients on 25 August 2020. Please accept our sincere apologies.

So there must have been even more people it didn’t reach?

Huts are back open from 1 Nov 2020, but will only be allowed 3 people to sleep in each hut. 3 x 4-man canvas tents will also be erected, which will sleep 2 people. So they are trying to adhere to the 50% capacity rule.

We are hoping to get 2 places on the Otter Trail anytime between 30th December and 5th January. If anyone has booked and cant make it, or doesn’t want to go because you may have to sleep in a tent; please let me know.
Thanks, Christine

Yup, 100%

Did the hike last week and luckily I had a 4 man tent all to myself every night on a comfy mattress :smiley: